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AG7 Battery (LR927, 395, 399, SR927SW)

Alkaline 10 Pack $1.99
Includes 10 AG7 batteries in a convenient blister pack. Don't leave your cats without power! They need those laser pointers working! A happy cat is a happy owner. With that said, these batteries will keep your electronics working and bank account happy. These batteries ship free from the United States.

Battery Properties
Diameter9.4 mm
Height2.6 mm
Voltage~1.5V (alkaline) / ~1.55V (silver oxide)
Capacity~42 mAh (alkaline) / ~55 mAh (silver oxide)

Silver oxide batteries can be substituted for any alkaline battery because the size is the same. Using alkaline batteries to substitute silver oxide batteries works most of the time depending on the device. You may experience shorter battery life using alkaline cells in certain cases if the device requires a high voltage to operate.

Alkaline Equivalent Names
Common: AG7, LR57, LR927,

Silver Oxide Equivalent Names
Common: SG7, SR57, 395, 399
Citizen: 280-48, 280-44
Energizer: 395BP, 399BP
Duracell: D395, D399
Maxell: SR927SW, SR927W
Panasonic: SP395, SP399
Renata: 25, 35
Seiko: TR927SW, TR927W
Varta: V395, V399
Ultralast: UL395, UL398
Other: GP95, 95, 8034, GP99, W