CR2032 Battery


CR2032 Battery


Includes 5 Lithium CR2032 batteries in a convenient blister pack. You can’t go wrong stocking these batteries for future use. With 5 batteries per pack you’ll have extra to keep around and keep stuff running while you restock.  Don’t get stuck without power when you need it most plus save money off big name brands! These batteries ship free from the United States.

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Battery Properties
Diameter 20 mm
Height 3.2 mm
Voltage 3.0V
Capacity ~225 mAh
Equivalent Names
Duracell: DL2032
Energizer: ECR2032
Maxell: CR2032
Lenmar: WCCR2032
Rayovac: CR2032
Ultralast: UL2032
Other: BR2032


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